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In this section, I'll be providing activities and goodies for your enjoyment. All you need is a printer, some crayons, and a yearning to have fun.

Coloring Pages

The following are some coloring pages that I gathered up from various sources over the years.

The Rugrats Movie

The following pictures were previously part of's Rugrats Movie website.
(©1998 Viacom.)

Angelica as Shirleylock Holmes

Chuckie as Okey-Dokie Jones' sidekick

Dil and the Reptar Wagon

Spike The Hero

Phil & Lil

Tommy as Okey-Dokey Jones

The Rugrats in the Reptar Wagon

1992 Rugrats Style Guide

The following are based on pictures that were used in the 1992 Rugrats Style Guide, which I won on eBay awhile back.
(©1992 Viacom.)
The Grownups


Angelica In Action


Chuckie In Action I

Chuckie In Action II


Didi In Action I

Didi In Action II


Grandpa In Action I

Grandpa In Action II

Grandpa, Didi & Tommy at the dinner table


Reptar In Action I

Reptar In Action II

Rugrats In The Kitchen

Rugrats & Grownups on a walk

Rugrats & Grownups at Tommy's First Birthday


Spike In Action I

Spike In Action II

Tommy, Chuckie & Spike

Spike lying down

Stu & Spike


Stu In Action I

Stu In Action II


Susie In Action


Tommy In Action I

Tommy In Action II

Ride'em Tommy

Tommy with TV Reptar

Tommy needs to be changed

Phil & Lil

Phil In Action I

Phil In Action II

Lil In Action I

Lil In Action II


The following coloring pages I have gotten a few years ago from sites I have forgotten.

The Rugrats look at a butterfly

Tommy & Chuckie

Special Activities

The following are special activities that also requires scissors, your choice of glue or tape -- and the right occasion.

Masks From "Rugrats -- A Live Adventure" (1998)

The following items are masks that were made available on Nick.Com, as part of a promotion for the Rugrats live show. With these masks, now you can be your favorite Rugrats character, as long as the characters are Tommy, Chuckie or Angelica.

(©1998 Viacom.)

(Above: Logo for the 1997 edition of the
Nonstop Nicktoon Weekend
from; ©1997 Viacom.)

Thanksgiving 1997

The following items were originally on as part of the promotion involving the Nonstop Nicktoon Weekend and the release of A Rugrats Thanksgiving video. These can be used for Thanksgiving or any special occasion.
(©1997 Viacom.)

Candle Labels

Drink Coasters

Drumstick Booties

Napkin Wrappers


(Above: Chrismassy masthead for Nick UK's website in 1998; ©1998 Viacom.)

Christmas Ornaments 1998

From Nick UK, the following are supposed to be Christmas ornaments or something, though they're a little big for the tree. Anyway, you could think of something festive for them.
(©1998 Viacom.)

Tommy & Chuckie's Present

The Rugrats & Santa

Tommy & Chuckie Sleeping Under The Tree

Tommy, Chuckie & Spike

Computer Backgrounds / Wrapping Paper 1998

Also from Nick UK, the following are festive backgrounds for your computer. With a printer, you could also use these as wrapping paper.
(©1998 Viacom.)

Tommy & Chuckie's Present

Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica & Spike

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