Rafi, whose full name is Rafaela Amelie Torres (some of her close friends call her "Rat"), is a "Queboricua" -- half-Puerto-Rican, half Quebecois -- though she embraces the latter even more, being born in 1982 in Quebec City to a Quebecois mother. Since moving to the states with her unorthodox family (her sex-therapist mother, her candy-exec father, her half-Japanese godmother and her three sisters (one since moved back to Quebec)), Rafi's life has seemed unusual to others, but normal to her. At 25-years old, she's attending university to get a double-degree in art and psychology (like her mother did). Being a "gouine" (lesbian), Rafi had a crush on her life-long (though straight) best friend, Anna, but was instead "crushed" by a blind lesbian named Laurie. And watching over her are four feminist angels, who are guardian angels assigned to watch over her. And one of those angels is Rafi herself -- or rather, the part of Rafi's soul that went to heaven after Rafi attempted suicide. The beauty part is that they're all rommies with Rafi, as long as Rafi's alive.

What's more complex is her religious beliefs -- Rafi's a Jew, though she also practises shinto-buddhist and certain Christian traditions, thanks in part to her other relatives.

Rafi has led an unusual life, and she has an unusual future in front of her.


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January 2005-March 2005

April 2005-June 2005

July 2005-


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"The 7 Ages of Rafi"

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