Noémie Torres (or "Noée", for short) is Rafi's 22-year old little sister. A university student living in Montreal, Noée is alot like Rafi -- smart and artistic. Noée, though, takes her art a little more seriously, as it's their mother, Nathalie Fusey, who encouraged them to be artistic.

While she can read, speak and write in English, Spanish and French, Noée prefers French, as it was the language of her mother. As a result, Rafi usually speaks French when talking to Noée (though English is also okay). Noée has also since moved to Montreal, to attend university. She lives in a part of Montreal that is habitated by gays and lesbians -- "The Village". And for good reason -- Noée's a lesbian, too (but she has yet to find a suitable girlfriend).

Noée also loves collecting and making teddy bears and other cute, plush toys. She is also a sandalmaker, making the type of footwear that has been a required part of her family for years. She makes money off of both -- selling at craft shops, flea markets and on the internet.

But there is a secret to Noée's success and intelligence, which was also her curse -- Noée has autism. Because of this, Noée is frequently in touch with her aunt, Zoe, and her aunt's girlfriend, Lanie.

This is a portrait of Noée.

Full portrait of Noée (in a serious mood), with her pet cat on her lap.

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