Rafi's New Sandals

The sandals that came with the Rafi doll were pretty cute. But, one day in October 2005 at Wal-Mart, I found a pair that makes Rafi look more like -- Rafi.

This is Rafi, wearing her new sandals for the first time.

Here's a close-up of her sandaled feet. Rafi likes wearing sandals like these, without socks, because she thinks her toes look cute and that they shouldn't be hidden. In my opinion, Rafi's right.

Here's the bottom sole of Rafi's right foot. The sandals Rafi wears are store-brand knockoffs of Birkenstocks, which has a different bottom sole pattern than the store brands. But store brands are no more as comfortable as the name brand they're knocking off.

Diagonal view of Rafi's right foot.

The front-on view of Rafi's feet.

Rafi's feet in her new sandals, alongside her original pair, which she'll still wear on some occasions. While I like the new sandals, Both pairs look really good on her feet.

And finally, this is Rafi, "standing up" in her new sandals.

Given the sandals' style and Rafi's personality, I think the sandals are perfect for Rafi.

Just hope she doesn't wear them out too quick.

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