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Because of my work schedule and my other writing and artistic endeavors (too bad I'm not spending enough time on the latter), it seems like the Day of Remembrance is the only thing keeping this strip alive. And lo and behold, there is a new one for this year.


Been a long while since I had my last update -- this one involving a massive overhaul to the look of my website, with new banners and background. I have also added a link to my new MySpace blog, which will be opperated as an adjunct to my LiveJournal site. In addition, I have added sections on autism and Judaism in the links page, and in the others, added several new links and updated / discarded dead ones.


Sorry for the delay -- I'm still working on my "Pretty Gladiator" book. I'm having four people proofreading it, and, as a result, I'm underging my third draft. I'll be done soon -- I'm still waiting on one more person to finish proofreading.

Meanwhile, my latest comic -- a whopping 14 pages long, in commemoration of the Transgendered Day of Remembrance, is now online.


I have finally finished by "Pretty Gladiator" book. I have also uploaded a little sample of what I've been working on.


I've now added a blog at LiveJournal; see it at


I have decided to do some Spring cleaning of my own on this site. First of all, I have gotten rid of the Art School and Sisterhood sections, as there is very little chance that they will be expanded soon. They may be back, someday. Also, I've made some minor updates to the character bios in the sketchbook section, to reflect "The Pretty Gladiator".

Finally, I've did what I should've done a long time ago -- closed my anime site. That has not been worked on in eons. Also, with all my energy concentrated on this site and the book, I haven't any time for my anime site.


Again, I apologise very much for the delays, due to work, house remodelling (which I'll explain more of soon), and, of course, work on my book, "The Pretty Gladiator". I've already completed the manuscript for the book, which is now being proofread. I'm also in the progress of producing illustrations for the book. I have a special section now up on this site, which explains more about the book. Soon I may perhaps provide a little sample of what to expect.

Also, in this update, I'm presenting two specials that I did for other people's webcomics. I've done these about this time last year, so I think now's the right time to put them on my own site.


As promised, a "very special" "Mundane Circus", in which we see Rafi's second girlfriend, Sue, talk serious about transgenderism.


This week -- a whole new strip, featuring my new transgendered character (who's not a guardian angel), Stu Mitchell.

Next week -- a "very special" "Mundane Circus".


First of all, I apologise profusely for the lack of updates, and for a good reason -- apart from work and family business, I am writing an illustrated novel called "The Pretty Gladiator", about the life, death and afterlife of Rafi's angelic aunt, Sister Adele, who is practically the center of the Fusey family. I have already finished with the writing of the novel; I am in the progress of typing it in and doing illustrations. I project the novel to be ready for release by late-2007.

As for the comic strip's current sequence, "A Gouine's Story" -- that has now been suspended, not only due to time concerns, but also I have plans for making that into a book, too. What you have just read was practically the start of this novel. However, be prepared for a little wait -- my next novel I plan to be about Nathalie.

I won't be abandoning the strip -- probably just bits-and-pieces type of stuff (since the heavy stuff I'll be reserving for the books), but something fun nevertheless with the "girls".

And, since March, I have a backlog of pix from Megacon 2006, Michigan (the state, not the Festival), Windsor, Florida and, my future hometown, Austin, Texas. Plus, three new dolls (and accompanying sketches) -- Adele, Nathalie and Rafi's adopted sister, Theonie.

Watch this space for further news on my book and strip, plus more great stuff -- I guarantee you'll be pleased.


My profile's now up at Prism Comics -- click here to see it.


We apologise for the huge delay, as lots of things in my life -- especially umpteen hours of overtime at work -- has occurred during January and February. But, we have strips 38 and 39 this week. Strip 38 is more comic book than strip, as it features a special treat -- the marriage of Hector, Nathalie and Hélène. I hope you enjoy it.

We also had a ball at Orlando's "Megacon" last February -- not many people came by to see us, but we had a nice time nevertheless. I also showed my strip to Prism Comics, the LGBT comics people, and they liked my work very much. They encouraged me to submit my profile to their site -- as soon as it shows up there, I'll present more details. As for the Megacon -- I've taken loads of pictures, including Rafi in a swimsuit. No time this week to put them on, but you'll see them next time.

And as usual, more links. But, speaking of which...

A brief word about websites hosted by FortuneCity -- avoid them like the plague. I have removed such a site from my links pages, as it features a vile pop-up ad for a Windows software which may install itself if you're not careful. The coding in this ad often casues your browser to shrink or disappear, and a dialogue or wizard popping up, informing of a corrupt system. all of these tricking the user to thinking that they must download the "fixes", or face the consequences. Of course, knowing what's going on, I just closed my browser without doing anything. But the fact that some unscrupulous websites are willing to do anything to mess up or control your computer, and some free webservers think that money is money, makes my blood boil. Be wary of any free sites, and stay the heck away from Fortunecity, as the ads would zap out all the enjoyment of the site.


If you're wondering what that "paid advertisement" at the top was, don't worry -- I haven't succumbed to selling ad space for mortgage services that care more on the style of their charts, and those "click now and get a prize" schemes. It's just that one advertiser that me and Rafi stand by all the way -- "School Spirit" -- a webstrip about a group of Aussie schoolkids. A very delightful strip that's worth plugging for. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, I present strip #37, explaining what Rafi got for Christmas. "A Gouine's Story", where Rafi's parents get married, will return with strip #38, coming in late-January. No doubt I'll be spending some time on the strip during vacation, so hopefully, I'll speed up soon.

Also, I revised my Megacon page. Plus, more links.

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