"The Mundane Circus" Strips


Here are the past Circus strips from 2005.See what you might have missed.

Parental Warning:

Some of the strips contained here may contain profanity, nudity and mild sexual situations and vocabulary.
Parental discretion is highly recommended.

#1: "Meet Mad Anna!" (1/23/2005) -- All you need to know about her.

#2: "Mad Anna Spills Some More Beans" (1/23/2005) -- More facts about Anna.

#3: "Freedom From Religion" (1/23/2005) -- Why does religion promote peace when it encourages violence?

#4: "An Insult To Her In-Telly-Gence" (1/23/2005) -- Anna pines for the days when TV was good.

#5: "Here's The Breast Part" (1/23/2005) -- Why are men attracted to breasts?

#6: "On Her Feet" (1/23/2005) -- Why her foot problems determine her choice of footwear.

#7: "The Spam Plague" (1/23/2005) -- Internet's biggest problem is e-mail spam.

#8: "Diaper Rash" (1/23/2005) -- A story of a pervert who likes drawing diapers on cartoon characters.

#9: "Rafaela" (1/27/2005) -- Anna introduces her neighbor and best friend, who has a little surprise for Anna.
(Also see the remastered version.)

#10: "She Loves You (No! No! No!)" (1/31/2005) -- Rafi explains why she loves Anna.

#11: "Acid Can Burn Your Eyes" (2/3/2005) -- Rafi recalls a time when she took LSD.

#12: "V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!" (2/10/2005) -- The girls announce that they're going on vacation.

#13: "It's A Long Way From Here To There" (3/1/2005) -- Anna explains what she had to put up through on her first day on vacation.

#14: "Resting Comfortably" (3/1/2005) -- Anna and Rafi entertain themselves in their own way.

#15: "I Love A Pérade" (3/12/2005) -- Rafi talks about ice fishing in her mom's birthplace.

#16: "Vacation Over!" (3/27/2005) -- Anna and Rafi announce that the rest of their trip was cut short.

("A Gouine's Story" begins)

#17: "Julie's Premonition #1 (3/27/2005) -- Julie sets the stage for the story.

#18: "Bump!" (4/5/2005) -- Rafi "blindly" bumps into another woman.

#19: "Laurie" (4/11/2005) -- Laurie introduces herself to Rafi

#20: "Felt" (4/11/2005) -- Laurie gets to know Rafi by feeling her.

#21: "Love Is Blind" (4/24/2005) -- Rafi asks Laurie why she kissed her.

#22: "Life On Display" (5/16/2005) -- Rafi takes Laurie to her art gallery, where her works are on display.

#23: "Journey To The Center Of My Mind" (6/3/2005) -- Rafi introduces the story of her life.

#24: "Julie's Premonition #2 (6/3/2005) -- Julie sets the stage for the introduction of Rafi's parents.

#25: "It All Started At A Bar" (7/12/2005) -- We are introduced to Rafi's mother, a bar maid in 1979.

#26: "A Gringo in Quebec" (8/4/2005) -- Introducing Rafi's father, a total stranger in 1979.

#27: "Le Premier Contact" (8/14/2005) -- Hector is lost and asks Nathalie for help.

#28: "Mais..." (8/26/2005) -- Hector confesses his love for Nathalie. "Mais..."

#29: "La Fiertè de Nouvelle-Orleans Survit" (9/3/2005) -- Special strip: Rafi talks about New Orleans and Katrina.

#30: "Fille Aime Fille" (9/14/2005) -- Rafi introduces Hélène, Nathalie's girlfriend.

#31: "Pas Encore!" (9/24/2005) -- Special strip: Rafi talks about Texas, Louisiana and Rita.

#32: "Trouvant une solution pour une problème" (10/7/2005) -- Nathalie loves Hector, but she also loves Hélène. Can she love both?

#33: "Le Polyamour" (10/30/2005) -- Hélène suggests polyamory as a way for Nathalie to love both Hélène and Hector.

#34: "Something They Believe In" (11/20/2005) -- Special strip: First strip with Mini-Rafi, with a word on transgenderism.

#35: "Un Homme et une Femme... et une Femme" (12/16/2005) -- Nathalie and Hélène propose to Hector.

#36: "Notre Premier Noël" (12/25/2005) -- Special strip: Anna and Rafi celebrate the strip's first Christmas.

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