"The theme this year is to illustrate a word or a feeling that the Day of Remembrance makes you feel. This could be a poem, a scene, a feeling, anything that the DOR makes you feel. Good, bad or otherwise." -- Jenn Dolari

The tribute continues at these web strips:

Jenn Dolari (2008 ringleader): http://www.dolari.org/
Second Stage: http://washuchan.deviantart.com/
Venus Envy: http://venusenvy.comicgenesis.com/
Lisa Lees: http://www.wizzywig.net/
Laura Seabrook: http://lauraseabrook.comicgenesis.com/
Tess Flynn / Deninet: http://www.deninet.com/
Between the Lines: http://betweenthelines.sosdg.org/
Misfile: http://www.misfile.com/
And Shine Heaven Now: http://shine.erinptah.com/
Shimmer (prose): http://www.wibblypress.net/shimmer/
Rebecca Bettencourt: http://nxsinxmcosxoxsq.livejournal.com/ & http://innerchildren.livejournal.com/
Eternity: http://eternity.comicgenesis.com/
Toby: http://www.dolari.net/dor/2008/toby.htm

And for more on the "Transgendered Day of Rememberance", see:


These are my previous year's efforts:

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