Julie Eddy is a woman at Rafi's college with a nice name, jeans and a rugby shirt. But, that's where the niceness ends and the bizarre begins. Often a gloom-and-doomer, Julie speaks only in short, cryptic messages -- some meaningful, some meaningless. In some cases, while we usually deliver short sentences, Julie turns them into bizarre riddles, making even ordering a hamburger at a fast food joint a perplexing experience. And most often, she will speak with her arms raised and in a monotone voice. The palms on each hand has a tattoo of a heart, symbolising that "your life is in her hands". And with the area around her eyes permanently discolored (not by violent means, I assure you), Julie is one woman that is to be taken seriously. Is she a performance artist, a shaman, a crackpot or a basket case? Is she even of this earth? To be honest, I'm not even sure (and I created her).

Julie is the ultimate mystery woman -- "so says Julie."


This is another character that I give "Azumanga Daioh" credit for its creation -- in that manga, there's a female character named Sakaki, who has long hair, is tall, and, being shy, doesn't talk much. One day, I imagine Sakaki, standing on a hill on a stormy day, speaking in cryptic messages. This was eventually how Julie was created.

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