Hélène Fleury is Nathalie's best friend, and godmother to her kids, Rafi, Noée and Augusta. Hélène has been friends with Nathalie since grade school, but eventually being Nathalie's lesbian lover. Hélène has also practically been a "second mother" to the kids, as she lived in the same house as Nathalie and Hector since Rafi was born. Hélène helped form a polyamory, with Nathalie has her lifelong lover, while Nathalie marries Hector.

Like Rafi, Hélène's parents are also an ethnic mix -- in this case, Hélène's mother is Japanese.

Also college educated, Hélène is a foreign language professor at the University of Michigan, where she teaches French and Japanese.


As with Nathalie, I based Hélène's hairstyle on an "Azumanga" character -- this time, Tomo, whose hairstyle was more easier to replicate.

As for her nose, however, it wasn't that simple -- I tried basing it on another "Hélène" -- French cartoonist Hélène Bruller (who draws her noses as spirals), but, for some reason, didn't look right, so I only drew half.

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