Of the three daughters in the Torres / Fusey family, the youngest is Augusta Georgia Fusey, named so because she was born in Augusta, GA on October 9, 1989 while Hector and Nathalie were in that city attending a candy manufacturers' convention (she got Nathalie's last name in a coin toss). She's also not a Canadian citizen, being born in the US with an American father.

She idolises Rafi very much (note the nose ring), for her spunky attitude, artistic ability and perseverence. She's also a 10th Grade honors student, attending Roosevelt Franklin High School in Ann Arbor. But while she's so smart, there's a question she's having trouble answering -- who is she, really? It's a question she'll have plenty of time answering, with her guidance counselor and, most importantly, her mother and Rafi, giving a little help along the way.


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