The "Mundane Circus" Sketchbook:

Aoi Mizuhara (her first name pronounced "owie") is a Japanese student at the university and Rafi's assistant in art classes and at the art gallery. Originally from Tokyo's Shibuya district, Aoi came to the states to further her studies in art and culture.

Of course, it should also be known that Hélène, Rafi's godmother, is Aoi's aunt.


Aoi's name has been "stolen" from other manga / anime series -- "Aoi" was the main character in "Ai Yori Aioshi"; "Mizuhara" is Yomi's last name in "Azumanga Daioh".

Even the Tokyo neighborhood where she normally lives, Shibuya, was taken from elsewhere -- it is a real neighborhood, which I first heard of in the "Super Gals" anime.

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