LGBT Comics

Rafi has one thing in common with other Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals -- they express themselves really well through art.

Here's a selection of comics that are by and/or for the LGBT community.

(All comics in this section are for mature, open-minded readers. Unless specified, none carry adult material.
And before you get any ideas, remember that Rafi is a fictional character -- I do not have the same-gender lifestyle she has.)


Prism Comics
A comprehensive source of comics done by and for the LGBT community, as well as straights who are friendly to the cause.

The Gay Comics List
Another source of information on gay-related comics.

Group that promotes and distributes lesbian manga -- some from Japan, some American-made.

General Gay / Lesbian Comics

Rafi Recommends

Dykes To Watch Out For
No comic strip reading list would be complete without Alison Bechdel's long-running gay strip about a group of women from various creeds, colors, races, nationalities and occupations that have one thing in common -- they're lesbians. And while "Dykes" helped put Alison on the map, it was her 2006 book that put her on the GLOBE -- check out "Fun Home" at your favorite book store or library.

Colleen Coover's Journal
Interesting blog of bisexual creator of "Small Favors" (for adults) and her newest title, "Banana Sunday" (for all ages). Also check out her artwork for sale at the Comic Art Collective. (CAC site contains adult material.)

Scene Tales
Featuring various strips and series about gays and lesbians, done by a couple of Brasilians. Most-recommended -- The Funny Family. (Some strips may have adult material.)

Kris Dresen
Chicago-based creator of strips regarding lesbian and gay relationships. Most recommended -- "Max and Lily", about a gay man and a lesbian woman -- who are attracted to each other. Love her art style.(Contains some examples of adult material.)

Liliane, Bi-Dyke
A funny story of a bisexual woman, by Quebecois Leanne Franson.

Jane's World
Paige Braddock's nationally-syndicated daily family comic strip with a difference -- the lead character is a lesbian. The strip is no longer in the papers, but the story continues in comic books (just like "Liberty Meadows").

So Many Levels
Funny slice-of-life strip about a 29-year old ad executive and her 16-year-old gay nephew.

Also Worth Reading

A story about a couple of young men on a road trip.

A strip about a couple of girls in high school.

Elizabeth Watsasin
Creator of various comics, including "A-Girl" and "Charm School".

David Kelly
Creator of various comics for gay men, including "Steven's Comics", plus co-creator of the 'Boy Trouble" anthology.

Popular gay men's strip by Robert Kirby (the other co-creator of "Boy Trouble".)

A story of a lesbian Catholic high school student who has problems coming to grips with her worst enemy -- reality.

Comics by and/or for Transsexuals

Rafi Recommends

Venus Envy
Featuring a transsexual woman and her boyfriend, also transsexual.

Jenn Dolari
Woman who produced two webstrips -- "A Wish For Wings", about the hard, daunting task of being an angel; and "Closetspace", about a man who wanted to be a woman, who moved in with a real woman.

The Wotch
A story of a high school girl with something extra: she's a "wotch" -- not "witch", "wotch".

Day of Remembrance
Several transgendered people die each year of violence, just because they want to live as they intended to live. Each year, several webstrips drive that fact home as part of the "Transgender Day of Rememberance". Rafi and I have three strips (#34, #42 and #43) included on this site, and we plan on participating again in 2008.

Second Stage
Quaint sketchbook series done by a transsexual.

Lisa Lees
Comics and stories from a transgendered woman from Lansing, Michigan. She is also a die-hard "otaku" (a fan of Japanese anime and manga). Did I mention that she's over 50 years old?

Also Worth Reading

Gray Matters
A funny look at a group of two women and a man -- formerly two men and a woman.

El Goonish Shive
A story of a group of teenagers facing various, often supernatural, situations.

Abstract Gender
A strip about a boy and his best friend, who's a boy -- who's actually a girl.

Happy but Dead
A stoty of a man literally trapped in a woman's body, as a result of genetic testing gone wrong.

In Pursuit of Nain
A story of a woman who became a princess -- who speaks like a man.

Laura Seabrook
Aussie author of a series of queer comics.

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