Comics Resources

Here are some comics resources that Rafi recommends.

Conventions and Shows

Comic Con International
The biggest comic book and pop culture show of them all -- this really huge show takes place once a year in San Diego. You owe it to yourself to attend Comic Con at least once -- Rafi and I did. (Comic Con also presents the smaller Wonder Con and the small press' own big show, APE -- both in San Francisco.)

Nowhere near as big as San Diego, but it's Florida's largest show, held every year in Orlando. Until 2005, I went there every year as a spectator, and in 2006, Rafi and I made our debuts as artists there.

Emerald City ComiCon
The Pacific Northwest's biggest show, held every May in Seattle -- another must-see, must-participate show on my list, considering that I plan on living there in a few years.

Stumptown Comics Fest
Smaller than Emerald City, but nevertheless a must-see show featuring the industry's top artists and publishers, held every year about 160 miles south of Seattle, in Portland, Oregon.

Small Press Expo
An annual big show specifically for small-pressers, presented for two days each fall in the Washington DC area.

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo
An annual, one-day salute to the small pressers, held each year in Austin, TX.

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MOCCA)
An important museum dedicated to comics and drawings in New York City; also plays host to the annual MOCCA Art Festival -- another must-go for me.

Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention
The small comic show in my neck of woods, usually held four times during the second half of the year.

Lists and Directories
A comprehensive list of comics that are available online, submitted by the creators themselves. ("The Mundane Circus" has a listing here.)

Comic book store in Amsterdam, Holland with loads of information online about various comic books, strips, and artists worldwide.

Wikipedia-style website dedicated to webcomic authors.

Wikia: Comic Book Series
Similar website on printed comics.

Webcomics Nation
Source and resource of various webcomics.

For Women

Friends of Lulu
Organisation that promotes the awareness of the involvement of women in comics.

Sequential Tart
A webzine featuring women's perspectives on the comics.

Do It Yourself

This is mainly a website about a comic about a fairy, but it has a lot of information on those wanting to get into the comics or writing business.

Drawing Coach
A comprehensvile website on those who want to learn how to draw.

Squidoo: How To Draw Cartoon Characters
A brief lesson on drawing cartoon characters.

Drawing Words Writing Pictures
A website that educates how anyone can draw a comic. Designed mainly as an adjunct to Jessica Abel and Matt Madden's book.

Preditors & Editors
Ready to have your book published? Here's a valuable site on where to go for advice, and where to stay away from.


Makers of popular artistifc software for Mac users, including "Comic Life" (now for Windows, too).

Comic Book Creator
Another great software for those wanting to make their own comics. Also available for various licensed characters.


Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom
Website on how teachers can instruct students how to get actively involved in comics.

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