Steve's Favorite Boards

I also do alot of posting (and some modding) on these boards. Check'em out.

(All boards require registration to post. Some require registration to view.)

Golden Road.Net
Website about "The Price Is Right" game show. (I no longer post (mainly due to technical problems since they upgraded their site), but I still browse occasionally.)

The Game Show Forum
Forum on the discussion of game shows. (I post as "rugratsonline".)

Forum about the Nickelodeon kids' channel, with alot of lamenting on the good old days. (I post as "azumanga".)

Michigan Buzzboard
Board for the discussion of Michigan radio and TV. (I post as "rugratsonline".)

Vintage Detroit TV and Movie Board
Board about classic Detroit (and Michigan) TV and movies. (I post as "rugratsonline".)

Board on the discussion of the radio and TV industry. (I post as "rugrats1".)

Ku Satellites
Discussion on Canadian television. (I post as "rugrats1".)

TV Guide
List-serv about America's favorite TV magazine (until the current publishers frigged it up). (I post under, and via, my e-mail.)

Not a forum or a board, but regularly write and edit articles for them, as "azumanga1".

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