French BD

"BD", or "Bande Dessinée" (also referred to as "bédé"), are comics in Rafi's native tongue -- French. These are mostly found in large, hardback "albums". Unfortunately, these albums are a little pricey, meaning that many of these don't see the American light of day.

Here is a selection of Rafi's favorites. Unless specified, all are in French.


Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême
English-language comics have San Diego -- BD has Angoulême, a city in France that plays host to the BD world's annual big show. Rafi and I would love to go there someday.

BD Gest'
Complete resource of all the BD ever produced.

Cool French Comics
An English-language site devoted to France's popular BD titles.

BD Québec
A site featuring information on BD from Quebecois artists.

Festival de la BD Francophone de Québec
Annual BDshow held every April in Quebec City. I've been to the 2004 edition (by accident), while visiting Quebec City; a pretty decent showcase of BD titles and artists from Quebec and across the globe.

Canal BD
Site featuring BD news and information, and the stores that sell them.

Online store that specialises in BD.

Actua BD
Another BD news and info site.

BD oubliees
A site that features comprehensive listings of many popular BD magazines.

Rafi Recommends

Florence Cestac
Florence Cestac is France's most-popular woman cartoonists, noted for her "gros nez" (big nose) -style BD. Highly recommended. (The font used in my web site's buttons and most-recent comics, such as the "Rafi Recommends" label above, is based on Florence's lettering in her comics.).

Cha (main site) (blog)
Woman creator of "Helpie", a teenage woman cat trying to stay hip. Cha's own life seems very interesting as well, according to her illustrated blog. (Some material may offend some.)

A friend of Cha's, whose comics and artstyle are just as interesting.

see also
Another French blog comic -- this one from a woman who, remarkably, draws in a style similar to Ellen Forney. Worth checking out.

Titeuf / Tcho magazine
Zep's comic strip about a young boy and his friends, with a lot of strips dealing with something you won't find in American kiddie comics -- sexuality. Also features other comics in Titeuf's own magazine, "Tcho".

Claire Bretecher
Legendary woman cartoonist who draws in a Feifferesque style. Currently known for her series of albums featuring sullen teen, "Agrippine".

Les Amandinettes
Cute BD strip created by Amandine.

Also Worth Reading

Taga is a little goth girl who, at the least, shouldn't be messed with. Popular among France's underculture. Also includes other characters, plus a gallery of similar artists. (Some material may offend some.)

Joann Sfar
Artist known for his rough drawing style and creative storytelling.

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