Rafi's Favorite Autism Sites

As you know, Rafi's sister, Noée, is autistic, meaning that she's deficient in some social and behavioral skills. Nevertheless, Rafi is proud of Noée, and Noée is proud of herself.

Here are some sites about autism and specific forms (such as Asperger's Syndrome) that are of some interest.

(This page only lists sites about autism in general, specific types of autism, or sites designed for those with autism. This page does not, and will not, feature any sites advocating a "cure" for autism.)

Sites about autism in general

Autism: Getting the Truth Out
Site that tells of those whose lives were "wrecked" by autism (like those advocating a "cure" for autism) -- and then tells it like it really is.

The Autism Acceptance Project
Organisation whose aim is to view autistic people for their abilities and merits, not as those afflicted by it.

Autistic Singapore Autism Awareness
Despite the name, the site is about autism in general, put together by an adult who, in 2001, discovered his autism.

Sites for those with autism

Wrong Planet
News and forum site for those with autism.

Website for those who have autism. In addition to informational features and essays on autism, site also includes blogs and online dating for those with autism.

Autism Network International
Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Networking organisations run by, and for, autistics.

Aspies For Freedom
Website that opposes the notion that autism and Asperger's can be "cured" or "detected" before birth. While the name implies the site is for those with Asperger's, it has information and forums for autism in general.

Blackpool Tiggers
Club in Blackpool, England for local youth with autism.

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